The upcoming 5G digital revolution wireless technology is starting to pick up steam. The small cell infrastructure that will be constructed throughout the planet will be part of the driving force in this new revolutionary technology that will be staggering. Current estimates show that the buildup will require as much as four hundred times the amount of towers than 4G currently utilizes. This new capital investment will reduce operating and maintenance costs once fully deployed — another key factor in the overall lowering of energy costs.

New lower and higher radio frequencies will open up as a result of this superior technology. There will also satellite access, making it possible to fill in the gaps for underserved or remote areas on the globe. Once the infrastructure is complete, this superior wireless transmission system, the need for wire and cable will be eliminated for all mobile devices, smart appliances, security systems. Or any other fixed device. The consumer will never have to drill another hole in the wall.

This system will wind up creating major competition between carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint/T Mobile with the likes of Comcast and Charter Communications, which will benefit the consumer in the long run.

Once this monumental project is completed, the overhaul of worldwide communications will be like nothing we have ever seen. Data transfer speed will increase many times over, and this will allow long term growth in the wireless industry. The cost of this infrastructure will be staggering, so it forces telecom companies to get more creative and offer new services to consumers to help stimulate sales and recover some of these costs. This can be done as 5G provides many things that were impossible to perform on the existing 4G network. The bandwidth size will be incredible, allowing a new frontier for virtual reality as well.

The internet of things will be including smart appliances, health monitors, climate control systems, and so on will be easier to control.

The 5G system will modernize healthcare in rural areas allowing real-time instructions for critical care allowing small-town doctors to connect to some of the best surgeons on the planet saving lives.

All the major players in this industry are banking on the consumers’ willingness to upgrade. Judging from the evolution of the smartphone, this will not be a problem going forward.

All electronic devices will need to be upgraded as 5G comes online. Couple that with the massive amount of the components required to complete the infrastructure, and we will see electronic component shortages in the near future. The amount of electronic components needed to complete all these modifications and to build all these new 5G compatible devices is enormous. This situation will probably kick in in the second quarter of 2020. This digital revolution will probably last about a decade, so buckle up as the ride will be wild.

Cal-Chip Electronics is now in its thirty-fourth year as a passive component niche market manufacturing specialist. We are very prepared for the coming increase in component demand, especially in the chip capacitor, resistor, and inductor sectors. SMD has been distributing Cal-Chip for over thirty years and stock most of their passive devices. Between our two companies, we are locked and loaded and ready to help ease the upcoming shortages stocking massive amounts of components at competitive prices.

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IoT (Internet of things) will be a huge driving force in the ongoing wireless technology evolution. It will bring tremendous opportunities for component manufacturers and suppliers in the years to come.

What is IoT? IoT or the internet of things can be defined as a system of computing devices that provides the ability to transfer data over networks without requiring human to computer interaction. In short, it allows systems to communicate and work together delivering efficiency and decreasing operational costs.  

These devices range from chips that are implanted into livestock to sensor technology to monitor just about anything living or nonliving. As we transform homes and cities into smart homes and smart cities, the desire to monitor everything and have everything interconnect and working together in real-time is becoming not just a reality but a necessity. IoT will drive efficiency to all end users who deploy the technology in their personal lives or businesses. 

This market segment has been talked about quite a bit over the last few years. However, many people struggle to grasp what this means to our society and economy as a whole. The combined effects of both 5G and IoT will drive the component sector, similar to what we witnessed in 2000. However, this time, the driving force is the technology alone uncoupled to any bubble-like the Y2K farce. The driving force with this coming boom is the need to bring technology to non-tech savvy industries along with the efficiencies it will provide to tech-savvy customers and industries. 

Here at Cal-Chip Electronics Inc., we are well-positioned to meet the demands of this technology evolution. As the largest stocking manufacturers of passive surface mounted components, Cal-Chip has prepared its stocking position and factory supply chain to meet the passive component demand this coming boom will create. From capacitors and resistors to ferrite beads, inductors, and Hi CV products, Cal-Chip is your one-stop solution for all your passive component needs.

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