electrolytic capacitors

IoT (Internet of things) will be a huge driving force in the ongoing wireless technology evolution. It will bring tremendous opportunities for component manufacturers and suppliers in the years to come.

What is IoT? IoT or the internet of things can be defined as a system of computing devices that provides the ability to transfer data over networks without requiring human to computer interaction. In short, it allows systems to communicate and work together delivering efficiency and decreasing operational costs.  

These devices range from chips that are implanted into livestock to sensor technology to monitor just about anything living or nonliving. As we transform homes and cities into smart homes and smart cities, the desire to monitor everything and have everything interconnect and working together in real-time is becoming not just a reality but a necessity. IoT will drive efficiency to all end users who deploy the technology in their personal lives or businesses. 

This market segment has been talked about quite a bit over the last few years. However, many people struggle to grasp what this means to our society and economy as a whole. The combined effects of both 5G and IoT will drive the component sector, similar to what we witnessed in 2000. However, this time, the driving force is the technology alone uncoupled to any bubble-like the Y2K farce. The driving force with this coming boom is the need to bring technology to non-tech savvy industries along with the efficiencies it will provide to tech-savvy customers and industries. 

Here at Cal-Chip Electronics Inc., we are well-positioned to meet the demands of this technology evolution. As the largest stocking manufacturers of passive surface mounted components, Cal-Chip has prepared its stocking position and factory supply chain to meet the passive component demand this coming boom will create. From capacitors and resistors to ferrite beads, inductors, and Hi CV products, Cal-Chip is your one-stop solution for all your passive component needs.

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